The Concert Difference

Everyone has a rental apartment horror story, from faulty plumbing to heating systems giving out in the dead of winter, while the landlord is in Hawaii and unreachable on cell phone. They just don’t have those stories from a Concert community.

We believe that when you rent an apartment, you need to know that everything works, and everything will continue to work as long as you continue to live there. And if something isn’t working properly? Welcome to peace of mind, where we handle every concern in a timely manner. And for those urgent situations? Our maintenance service is there for you 24-7-365.

With Concert On-Call, our signature service, you are never without help, and never left to figure out plumbing, heating, stoves or fridges on your own. Two things make this service work: first, everything is checked before you move in, so things don’t typically break down. Second, we win customer service awards pretty much every year because we care deeply about your satisfaction in your home. That matters a lot to us.

Our guarantee is that we will be available, ensuring that you have everything in your home working properly, so that enjoyment of your Concert rental home is your only concern.

Referral Program

Love living in a Concert home? Why not refer a friend?! Our referral program means that existing Concert tenants get great benefits when a friend moves into a Concert rental home. Visit your Rental Office for more details.

Environmental Measures

From lighting retrofits to low flow plumbing fixtures, Concert’s property management team makes continual efforts to reduce the green footprint of our existing rental properties. In the case of our newer properties, sustainability has been built right in from the ground up integrating features such as motion controlled lighting, green roofs and extensive recycling programs.

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