New Pet Policy at Concert's Head Office Promotes Health and Well-Being

On Mar 29, 2019 under Commercial Properties,Rental Apartments

Promoting health and well-being has long been a priority at Concert, and the benefits that animals have on our emotional and physical health have been well documented. Pets can encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle, bring individuals a sense of fulfillment and even alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Recognizing these benefits, we are pleased to welcome dogs to Concert‘s head office at 1190 Hornby Street in Vancouver.

“We strive to be a socially-responsible company and that includes supporting the mental and physical health of our employees,” says Brian McCauley, Concert’s President & Chief Executive Officer. “This progressive policy aligns with our commitment to building healthy, happy communities where people feel engaged and connected.”

The pet policy follows a broader change at Concert’s residential rental buildings that made virtually all of Concert’s rental properties in British Columbia pet-friendly since January 2019.

“We aim to be a progressive management company, and that includes recognizing that for many, pets are a part of their family,” says Bev Greene, Senior Vice President, Property Management. “The choice to live in professionally managed housing should not be limited by the composition of our families.”

As a result of the success of the pet policy in the residential rental buildings, Concert is now testing it at 1190 Hornby to assess how it may be expanded to its commercial buildings. Employers in the building now have the choice to welcome pets to their places of work depending on their own circumstances and preferences, and several have elected to adopt the new policy.

Concert, which has its head office at 1190 Hornby, has also embraced the opportunity to model the benefits and highlight its own commitment to health and wellness.

The new pet-friendly policy at 1190 Hornby comes with a set of rules and regulations, including compliance with respective city bylaws, to ensure the ongoing peace and enjoyment of 1190 Hornby’s entire community. We look forward to welcoming our new furry residents!

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