The Science of Cocktails: Making an Impact through Mixology

On Feb 10, 2020 under CommunityWorks,Condominium Homes

Ingredients, technique and science: Vancouver’s most talented bartenders and chefs came together on February 6, 2020 for an evening of fun and learning in support of Science World’s Class Field Trip Bursary program.

This year Concert was not only pleased to come out and celebrate a fun evening in our community, but also proud to sponsor the VIP Lounge during the 6th annual Science of Cocktails event.

“Science World is our neighbour, located only a block away from The Creek, our most recent residential development, ” says Gwen Tang, Director, Sales at Concert. “So we know how richly it contributes to the community.”

The event is popular with both industry staff and the public who lined up around the corner to take in unique creations from some of the city’s finest culinary and mixology talents – all for a very good cause.

Visiting Science World is a fun way for children to develop their love for lifelong learning and grow an interest in STEM, but so many kids this year won’t get the chance. Including transportation, it costs nearly $900 to send two classrooms (of about 25 students each) to Science World.

The Class Field Trip Bursary program was established to give children across British Columbia the opportunity to experience the magic. Last year’s Science of Cocktails event raised enough funds to send nearly 8,000 students from underserved schools.

“Supporting Science World allows us to make a contribution to a pivotal part of our immediate community,” says Brian McCauley, Concert’s CEO. “But what I love about supporting this particular event is that it provides access for underprivileged children across the province to come experience that wonder.”

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