Why We Created the Fund

CREC Commercial Fund LP (the “Fund”) is an open-ended, limited partnership fund formed as Concert’s exclusive commercial platform. Created in 2016, our objective with the Fund is to maximize long-term value by allowing us to invest in—and manage—a diversified portfolio of office and industrial real estate across Canada.  

Creation of the Fund was sponsored by Concert Real Estate Corporation (“Concert”) and to date, Concert retains a majority interest in the Fund. The Fund is supported by Canadian pension funds and institutional investors. The Fund is managed by Concert Realty Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Concert. 

Concert, through its CREC Commercial Fund LP, today is considered one of the strongest buyers and partners in Canada because of its exceptional integrity, ability to be highly creative and a problem solver. Peter Senst, President of CBRE Canadian Capital Markets

Quarterly Bulletins

Q3 - 2021

Q3.2021 - CREC Commercial Fund Bulletin


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