All Tapestry Communities Recognized as “Best in Wellness”, Honoured with ICAA NuStep Awards

The 2022 year is turning out to be a banner one for Tapestry as all four of our active aging communities have been recognized as best-in-class for successfully fostering wellness-centred environments that benefit all who live and work there.

Tapestry at Victoria Harbour was honoured with the 2021 ICAA NuStep Pinnacle Award, placing first overall in North America as “Best in Wellness” among senior living communities. This is an astonishing achievement considering Tapestry at Victoria Harbour opened only one year ago.

Tapestry’s other communities in Vancouver, BC (Tapestry at Wesbrook Village and Tapestry at Arbutus Walk) and in Etobicoke, ON (Tapestry at Village Gate West) were also recognized with an ICAA NuStep Beacon Award for placing in the top 25 “Best in Wellness” senior living communities in North America. This is a third time win for Tapestry at Wesbrook Village and a repeat win for both Tapestry at Arbutus Walk and Tapestry at Village Gate West.

“Our commitment to wellness and supporting active aging is what really distinguishes Tapestry communities” says Mark Andrew, Senior Vice President, Tapestry. “We believe wellness is the roadmap to staying independent longer so that individuals can continue to pursue their life’s passion and purpose to truly embrace a new age.”

Research shows that seniors’ communities can have a significant effect on health, longevity and quality of life by creating a wellness culture anchored in the Seven Dimensions of Wellness including emotional, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational and environmental.  By nurturing and prioritizing each dimension, wellness becomes anchored in the culture as a mindset and daily pursuit for residents and employees.

“Everything about Tapestry is focused on creating a wellness-inspired environment,” says Andrew. “From our thoughtfully designed communities and our unique wellness programs and services to our nutritious and delicious menu options, we offer residents endless opportunities to help define and pursue their wellness.

At Tapestry, our residents are beacons for shifting the paradigm on aging, demonstrating that you can remain physically healthy and mentally alert by pursuing wellness across multiple dimensions. In Tapestry communities, we have residents over 80-years-old that regularly run 10 kilometres, mentor students and participate in philanthropic activities to enrich communities and societies.

Tapestry never places limits on life experiences because others may believe they may not be age appropriate. We know as individuals age, they want to continue to live a rich and meaningful life, share their time and talent, and contribute to the community in a powerful way, remaining personally relevant and sustaining their resiliency.

The ICAA NuStep Pinnacle and Beacon Awards were created as a joint effort between the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and NuStep, LLC. The awards, which recognize outstanding commitment, creativity and culture, are designed to showcase organizations that embrace wellness as a way of life for all residents and staff.

“Aging involves more than simply programs and special events,” says Colin Milner, ICAA founder and Chief Executive Officer. “It requires an intentional, ongoing pursuit of potential and possibilities. With these awards, we’re pleased to recognize senior living communities that excel at fostering a mindset and environment that emphasizes promise and opportunities.”

Tapestry active aging communities are proudly developed, owned and operated by Concert. To learn more about Tapestry communities, click here