Concert proud to sponsor sustainability event, Uninterrupted-VR

Concert was proud to be a Premier Partner sponsor of the sustainability-focused community event series, Uninterrupted-VR, which took place across Metro Vancouver this summer.

An on-location virtual reality experience, Uninterrupted-VR was a public demonstration designed to inspire reconnection with nature. The virtual reality experience took audiences on a realistic journey alongside threatened Pacific salmon -  a stirring reflection about the intersection between our urban lives and nature. 

“As a company with a commitment to sustainability, Concert is proud to make a difference through design,” says Dave Ramslie, Vice President, Innovation and Sustainability. “For example, our North Harbour community in North Vancouver is pursuing Salmon Safe Certification for Urban Development, meaning it will be sensitive to aquatic and upland resources in support of salmon habitat.”

Each event also featured locally relevant information that highlighted how each of us, as individuals, can make a difference in building sustainability in our own communities. To learn more about this program and get a sense of the experience through a series of engaging video clips, visit