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Empowering parenthood at Concert Properties

"Becoming a parent while furthering your career can be challenging," shares Kieran Kandola, Senior Project Manager, Construction at Concert Properties. "Unfortunately, not all companies provide the necessary support for employees navigating this journey, which can lead to financial strain and make people feel like they’re hitting pause on their professional growth.”

Thankfully, Kieran’s journey to motherhood while working at Concert Properties was markedly different. "I felt very supported by my team, not just with company policies in place for parental leave top-up , but with resources and the understanding needed for me to seamlessly transition back into my role at the end of my parental leave,” she recounts. “It made all the difference."

At Concert Properties, supporting parents is not just a checkbox; it's a core value deeply embedded in our multifaceted commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), that includes a variety of resources, policies and tools available to employees. 

During parental leave, Concert Properties offers a Supplementary Employment Benefit Top-Up to eligible employees, ensuring they receive up to 95% of their base salary—a vital lifeline that alleviates financial stress and allows parents to prioritize their growing families. Kieran remarks how encouraging it is that the top-up is available to all parents: "There has been a rise in fathers who take paternity leave and I think that is, in part, a testament to the company’s efforts around equity and inclusivity.”

Even while on leave, employees have the opportunity to stay connected, while maintaining key benefits. "We strive to maintain the sense of belonging for our employees during their parental leave and ensure that lines of communication are kept open," explains Joyce Chen, Director of People Experience. "They maintain access to a wide range of benefits, such as extended health and dental coverage, Group RRSPs and life insurance.” 

Beyond these policies, Concert Properties also recognizes the importance of mental health support during every stage of the parenthood journey. Employees can access tailored services through the Homewood Health Employee & Family Assistance Program, including lifestyle coaching, counselling, self-guided cognitive-behavioral therapy tools and curated webinars and articles on parenting.

For Kieran, the journey back to work was further facilitated by Maturn. This comprehensive resource provides guidance and support to both birthing and non-birthing mothers, with Kieran finding solace in connecting with like-minded professionals facing similar challenges. 

"Maturn not only gave me the confidence to seek support in my personal and professional life, but also fostered a sense of belonging while interacting with the mothers in my cohort," she reflects. 

Guided by a people-first ethos, Concert Properties aims to provide the necessary resources for employees to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. “No matter what your circumstances, Concert Properties provides an encouraging environment to support whatever an employee may be going through,” concludes Kieran.