Executing Detail, Elevating Quality: Meet Jennifer Brown, Concert’s In-house Interior Designer

At Concert, our relentless passion for quality means we hold ourselves to a standard that guarantees an unparalleled experience for our customers.

Bringing an in-house interior designer role to the Development team is one of the many ways that we maintain Concert’s leadership position in multi-family residential development. 

In 2020, Jennifer Brown joined Concert as its Director, Product and Interior Design. But for nearly two decades prior she was an external consultant and provided the interior design for 17 Concert condominium and rental developments, along with numerous presentation centres. 

Throughout this time Jennifer came to understand what makes the Concert brand unique including the values and expectations that contribute to Concert’s stellar reputation in the market.

“It was a seamless transition,” says Jennifer. “I was able to step into this newly created role already understanding Concert’s expectations and standard of quality required for every stage of a project – whether it be in the level of specification, product choices or overall design vision.”

In her role, Jennifer supports product development activities associated with interior design for new condominium developments, rental housing and seniors independent living communities across Metro Vancouver, Victoria and the Greater Toronto Area. 

She has also advanced the establishment of interior design standards across the company and directed select in-house interior design projects. Her role is crucial, providing coordination of a cohesive vision between Concert’s Development, Marketing & Sales and Construction teams, along with external interior design consultants and architects. 

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“Her involvement includes supporting the whole design process not only for each home, but also for the community and amenity spaces. Her extensive experience ensures efficiencies will be gained through all the development phases and that every detail will be executed to our high-quality standard,” says Craig Watters, Senior Vice President, Development. 

“My role is about infusing proactive quality assurance on the final outcome,” says Jennifer. “This means that every element of a home and the overall building has been intentionally considered from the very beginning to elevate the living experience for each resident.” 

Ensuring that the execution of so many details meets the overall design concept is no small feat, but it is one that Concert has committed to. We strive to instill confidence in our purchasers and tenants that they are moving into a home that meets Concert’s reputation for award-winning quality.

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