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Giving back brings rewards

Our commitment to giving back to our community has been at the heart of what we do since our founding in 1989. But this commitment is not measured by how much we donate; it centres upon the volunteerism, dedication and personal growth of our employees through their service.  

On May 24 and May 27, 2024, members of our Vancouver Information Systems and Technology (IST) team embraced the spirit of giving by serving lunch at the Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light. Harbour Light has been a cornerstone of support for people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for 70 years. Beyond their Harbour Light meal program—which offers those in need with free, nutritious meals in a compassionate and inclusive environment—the not-for-profit provides access to 24-hour shelters, addiction treatment and low-income housing. Their purpose is to restore hope and promote addiction recovery in the region. 

“The reality is, poverty comes with many faces and there are people all around us who are struggling just to survive,” says Jim Coggles, Executive Director, Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light. “We believe in helping those less fortunate and treating them with dignity and hope—not just to help them get by in the moment, but to move them forward and out of poverty for good.”

Harbour Light comprises almost 200 hard-working professionals; approximately 35% are alumni who have used the programs. As the IST team engaged with the Harbour Light employees and members of the community, they gained firsthand insight into the transformative impact these programs and services have on individuals in need.

Reflecting on his time at Harbour Light, Joe Wong, Senior Vice President, IST, says, “The experience gave me a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for how a small act of serving lunch can have a powerful and positive social impact.”

Other members of the team felt a similar impact. “Each of us has the power to demonstrate kindness and change the lives of those around us, and the work that Harbour Light is leading is evidence of that,” says Kathy Snelling, Director, Information Systems. “I am proud that Concert Properties not only supports but prioritizes giving back. Having the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the community with my teammates was a wonderful experience.”

To learn more about Harbour Light, get involved or to make a donation, visit their website