Mural Magic Brings Residents and Staff Together

Thanks to volunteer residents Duygu and Daniel, Concert employees and residents gathered over one fall weekend at The Westridge, a Concert rental community in Vancouver, to make mural magic together.

Duygu and Daniel organized the event through Concert’s ‘Connecting our Communities’ program, which aims to bring residents together to reduce isolation and increase community connections. 

The weather cooperated beautifully to allow dozens of neighbours to come together and participate in the creation of the large-scale mural on the outdoor wall of the building’s BBQ area.

Facilitated by local small business Paintillo, the group mural painting session was done via a paint-by-numbers art process and a vinyl cover placed onto the concrete wall. 

“Our two Community Connectors, Duygu and Daniel, facilitated the event,” says Dave Ramslie, Concert’s Vice President, Innovation and Sustainability. “They did a wonderful job engaging residents and helping to bring community members together in a meaningful and fun way, which is exactly the kind of connection we aim to foster through this program.”

In addition to the photos of neighbours in action, we encourage you to check out this time lapse video of the mural’s creation, here.