Tapestry Wedding

A new lease on life and love…at Tapestry

Tapestry at Victoria Harbour is the newest of our four seniors’ communities. Located in downtown Victoria, just steps from the Inner Harbour, it is a sought-after community for active aging seniors, like Brian and Elizabeth, who are seeking to live vibrant and connected lives in a wellness-inspired environment. Both Brian and Elizabeth were recently widowed, tired of being alone and were excited to start the next phase of their life.

Which is exactly what happened. After his wife passed, Brian researched retirement communities in the Lower Mainland near his home, and not finding the right fit, decided to look further afield where he discovered Tapestry at Victoria Harbour. He was impressed by the exceptional food and ideal location, and decided to make a move to Victoria and Tapestry.

After living for many years in Coquitlam, Elizabeth wanted to be closer to her son who had decided to move to a rural area of Vancouver Island. But after exploring local options, she felt a city location would suit her better and was sold on Victoria Harbour the minute she entered her chosen suite with a spectacular view of the ocean and mountains.
Soon after moving in, Brian and Elizabeth met when they connected over their shared love of cats. Their instant friendship blossomed into something deeper and they were soon planning a wedding. When asked if they made the decision to marry to quickly, having met only nine months earlier, both agree the timing was perfect. Fall in love with this couple’s moving story by reading the Tapestry at Victoria Harbour blog post here.