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People-first spotlight: Edna Oyardo

A people-first philosophy helps make Concert Properties an award-winning workplace. This month, we are proud to profile an exceptional employee who shares the company’s values and demonstrates their commitment to our principles. Meet Edna Oyardo, Project Accountant Lead, who joined Concert Properties in 1999 and recently celebrated her 25th anniversary at the company.

Does you first professional job relate to the work you do now?

My first professional role involved working in accounts payable at another property management company. I then joined Concert Properties as a project accountant when a new position became available.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

The people and leadership. Everyone is very professional and easy to work with. The respect and trust I’ve received during my time here are what have kept me here for 25 years and counting. I am grateful to be part of the Concert Properties family.

What have you accomplished at Concert Properties that you are most proud of?

I was very proud to be the project accountant for Collingwood Village, our first master-planned community. More recently, I played a role in the completion of The Creek master-planned community. I’ve also had the privilege of working on other projects such as Latitude, Millenio, Urba, Nexus and Circa, to name a few.

How has your role evolved at Concert Properties?

From assisting in land acquisition for property construction, to helping close condominium units or hand over rental buildings to the Income Producing Property portfolio, my role is quite diverse. As a member of the Development Finance team, I’ve had the privilege of working with colleagues in the Development, Construction and Sales, Marketing & Communications departments. With the support and guidance of my colleagues who have shared their expertise, my confidence has grown. 

For four consecutive years we were named one of BC’s Top Employers; what makes Concert Properties a top workplace in your mind?

The dedication our leaders show toward employees, ample support for a work-life balance and giving back to communities is what makes Concert Properties a top employer.

Tell us about your favourite memory at Concert Properties.

There are so many great memories over the years, but there’s one that’s truly unforgettable in my mind. It was my second year at the company and the accounting department was visiting a few rental buildings; our first stop was at our 600 Drake rental building. The whole accounting staff, 12 or more of us, took the elevator with the building manager. As the elevator closed, the building manager joked about getting stuck in the elevator. A few seconds later, the elevator stopped, and we couldn’t call the building manager for help because she was with us! We called reception at head office and got in touch with our former CFO Lionel Wazny who asked someone from the head office to rescue us a half-hour later!

Outside of work, what do you like to do your free time?

I like to walk around my neighborhood while listening to music. Since joining the Concert Properties Gardening Group last year, I’ve started planting vegetables in my backyard. Parenting my teenage boys also keeps me busy.