Tapestry Edge Walk

At Tapestry active aging communities, age is just a number

In March 2021, the World Health Organization released a report identifying ageism as a global challenge and calling for urgent action against age-based stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. 

Ageism has been associated with poorer health, social isolation, earlier death and significant negative impacts to global economies as the contributions of older adults are dismissed or discounted, and ultimately according to WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, limiting opportunities to “secure the health, well-being and dignity of people everywhere.”

With locations in Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto, Concert’s Tapestry active aging communities for independent adults firmly resists efforts to define people by the number of birthdays they have celebrated.

At Tapestry, age is just a number. In fact, our communities are home to many residents over 80 years of age who regularly walk or run 10 kilometers, teach classes, mentor students or participate in exciting adventures (hear stories from some of our residents here). Tapestry’s residents demonstrate that you can remain physically healthy and mentally alert by living in a wellness-focused community that facilitates social connection and engagement.

One thing you will never hear at Tapestry is that an activity or program is impossible due to age. Tapestry communities don’t place restrictions on life experiences.

This sentiment was proven by a group of residents who experienced the thrill of a lifetime (and made headline news here) when they ventured out on Toronto’s EdgeWalk, the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a five-foot wide ledge encircling the top of the CN Tower. 

At 1168 feet (356 metres) above the City of Toronto, this group of residents fearlessly leaned off the edge of the Walk, demonstrating that age has no limit when it comes to exploring new adventures and possibilities.

During  the holiday season, Tapestry’s communities have assembled a bustling wellness calendar filled with a wide array of activities and events to keep residents engaged, active, healthy and well. Anyone interested in experiencing life in one of these active aging communities is welcome to attend.

To view Tapestry’s exceptional amenities, lovely suites featuring modern, contemporary kitchens and enjoy Tapestry’s personalized brand of service, find out more at discovertapestry.com.