Concert Receives 2016 Avid Benchmark Award

On Jul 20, 2016 under Awards

Avid, a full-service customer experience firm founded in 2003, has named Concert among winners of the Avid Benchmark Award in the 13th Annual Avid Awards™.

Awarded to two builders in each province who rank among the top 25% nationwide in the New Home Move In Experience™ survey, the award is based on the buyer experience during the first 90 days in their new home.

“At Concert, homebuyer satisfaction is paramount,” says Brian McCauley, Concert’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “This is why we’ve maintained our own in-house customer service team. One of our main priorities is to ensure we deliver the highest quality.”

With a qualifying pool of 930, the Avid Awards™ honours North American builders whose buyers rate them highest in customer experience. In order to determine this, all purchasers receive satisfaction surveys to complete and return to Avid.

Then all surveys are analyzed based on a combination of the total home buying experience, the willingness to refer and the actual number of recommendations a buyer has made to produce each builder’s Avid Index Score.

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