Environmental Sustainability Transit Oriented Development

Environmental Sustainability



As a Canadian real estate industry leader, we are actively reducing our carbon emissions from new and existing buildings.


We apply robust environmental risk assessments to our developments that safeguard our communities against climate change.


Our buildings, communities and operations act as catalysts for low-carbon transportation and healthier commuting options.


We minimize waste in all aspects of our business and provide clear recycling solutions for all our communities.


We reduce the toxic chemicals in the materials we use to benefit both human and ecological health.


We take a restorative approach to our surrounding habitats and actively seek opportunities to reconnect our communities with nature.


Our communities contribute to healthy hydrological cycles by reducing contaminants from our receiving water bodies.


Water is a precious resource—we use it in a way that respects the watersheds in which we are active.

Environmental Sustainability

Buildings account for more than one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. In Vancouver and Toronto alone, they contribute to over 50% of each city’s current total emissions. 

Our Environmental Sustainability framework is designed to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts across our communities—such as water consumption and material waste.

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Sustainability Goals & Targets

Voda - Sustainability

Reduce Emissions

We are committed to cutting our corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Environmental Sustainability Seal Level Rise Mitigation

Audit Climate Change Risk

By regularly assessing our communities, we reduce our tenants’ and purchasers’ risk of harm associated with climate change and natural disasters.

Environmental Sustainability Cycling Friendly

Best-in-Class Cycling Facilities

To inspire climate action in our communities, we aim to provide best-in-class end-of-trip cycling facilities across our developments.