We will develop the internal capacity to achieve reliable data collection on social and environmental metrics to enable meaningful corporate reporting, support enhanced customer experience and improve our portfolio value.

Long-term thinking

Our long-term approach creates resilient economic growth for our investors, the communities we invest in and the assets we manage. Similarly, a forward-thinking perspective helps us develop plans and approaches for addressing ESG challenges.

Strong relationships

We build strong, trusting and collaborative relationships through our values and actions – integrity, collaboration and service excellence.


Concert Properties keeps abreast of evolving developments and expectations in ESG performance and reporting. We continue to evaluate which third-party benchmarks and frameworks align best with our values and objectives.

2022 Highlights

Enhanced reporting

Enhanced reporting to the Board and shareholders

ESG Guidelines

Updated ESG Guidelines


Added an ESG Analyst and a Director, Operations to our ESG team


Enhanced information security and cyber security protocol and training

Whistle Blower Policy

Introduced a Whistle Blower Policy

Better workplace

Supported a healthier and safer workplace that prioritizes respect and inclusion through new or revised policies and corporate training initiatives

This year we honed our strategy for how to approach ESG, improving the balance between being a good steward of our investors’ money, while at the same time acting in a conscionable manner as it pertains to sustainability initiatives. John Dooling, Chief Financial Officer

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)

Concert Properties and Concert Infrastructure are both signatories to the UNPRI, a United Nations-sponsored network of international financial institutions working in partnership to support the organization’s six Principles.

Economic Sustainability

Our approach is to take the long view in the investments we make. This includes ensuring healthy returns and sustainable growth. We are committed to being a good and honest partner to work with who is committed to mutually beneficial growth. 

Concert Properties' portfolio is built to last through our diversification into five business lines that are active in multiple markets. Our businesses include: Residential Rental, Condominium Homes, Seniors Active Aging Communities, a Commercial & Industrial portfolio and Infrastructure projects and investments. 

Sustainability Goals & Targets

Best-in-class Public Reporting

Our excellence in data collection, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics, enables comprehensive corporate reporting, enhanced customer experience and improved portfolio value.

Great Place to Work

To best support our business and our people, we regularly identify strategic opportunities for improvement and personal growth.

Strategic Planning and Diligence

Consistent planning and due diligence enable us to manage every aspect of growth across our business including: acquisition, development, construction and operations, leasing and sales.

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